#126. Not knowing whether or not my biological mother is alive is strange and somewhat unsettling for me. Wherever she is, I just hope she’s in a good place.

It’s been a good while since I’ve posted, I’m so sorry! I guess I have tons to talk about but that will come later.

I got my genetics tested!

Holy crap. Oh my goodness. I can’t even begin to explain the shock I have right now. “Shock” in a good way though, don’t worry!  

So, I remember writing a post about how I wanted to see exactly what I am. The sole reason because Brazil is a mixing bowl of cultures, it’s great (oh also because I’m adopted and I know so, so little about my birth family)! My mom signed up for a while back to see if maybe I could find information about my birth family. I wasn’t surprised to find that nothing came up. Of course I was disappointed and I had no idea why I thought something was going to show up. My hopes weren’t too high so I was able to be -okay- with everything very quickly.

The website sent my mother an e-mail that they were doing genetic testing to see the different ethnicities. My mom jumped to the opportunity to order me a test. It took a few months to get the test because apparently there was a waiting list! So when I got the test in the mail, oh my goodness. I was just so happy. I was this much closer to finding out just a little bit more about my ethnicity. 

The same day I got it, I tested myself. All you had to do was spit into this tube and then mix it with this solution and you send it off! Next day my mother shipped it off and a few days later they confirmed that they had got it! SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE.
The only downside was that I had to wait 6-8 weeks, but I was okay with that (just a bit :) ).

Well, we got it sooner than expected!

I GOT THE RESULTS TODAY! Nevertheless, I was not expecting half of what I saw.

West African 39%
Scandinavian 28%
Southern European 15%
Native South American 7%
Uncertain 11%

HOLY SHIT. That means close to half of me is European! Scandinavian, whaaaaat?! I expected African and I expected South American, but not that little. THAT’S OKAY THOUGH. I still consider myself Brazilian, but to be able to say what I am within that, feels great. 

I know a little bit more and that makes me very happy.  

Hello hello!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted. I have so many things to write about! Post coming soon, I promise :). 



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Getting a genetic/DNA test soon!

It’s tough and it’s frustrating when you’re adopted from a foreign country and you can barely get any information. I think to get official records you’d have to go overseas to the country you’ve been from. 

Plus, trying to get a private investigator that specializes in this kind of stuff is expensive! I’ve looked it up and it can go from $1000 and up. My mom got a subscription ancestry thinking they would likely have some records from Brazil, but they don’t. They have passenger lists, but nothing close to what I need. We check once in a while to see if they have updated their files, most of the time it isn’t.

So I got this idea to get a genetics/DNA testing done to see from what “places” are in my blood. You know how some people list off like 4 or 5 ethnicities/nationalities? I’m pretty sure I have that too, since Brazil is a huge mixing bowl of culture! I know I have African roots in my, but I could be like amazon indian, european, asian, you name it, I might have it in my blood.

Getting this should be exciting!

This definitely made me laugh.

This definitely made me laugh.

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I need more fellow bastards on my dash

Heck yes, I am!

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I’m sorry I’ve been away so, so so long!

I had a lot of stuff going on being busy with school, family and applying to schools to get my bachelor degree! 

I promise I’m going to have a lot more coming soon, I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve :).

Hope everything is well with your family, new babies, and everything else!! Much love


Merry Christmas everyone!

I just want to wish all of you lovely people a wonderful day!

I’ll be posting again soon here in a few days, I was resting from finals, got sick, now I am spending time with my family :).

Have a blessed day!